Press Release – 4 Jan 2019

Enleofen announces ENx108A as clinical development candidate

SINGAPORE – 04 January 2019 – Enleofen Bio Pte Ltd (“Enleofen”), a biotechnology company developing first-in-class therapeutics for the treatment of fibro-inflammatory human diseases, today announced ENx108A, a human antibody, as its first clinical development lead. The antibody is a powerful inhibitor of Interleukin 11 (“IL-11”), a protein that is the master driver of fibrosis and determinant of tissue inflammation across body organs such as the liver, lung and kidney.

“We are delighted to announce ENx108A as our lead therapeutic molecule. After 3 years of extensive preclinical research and antibody development we selected this clone which combines exceptional efficacy and safety in preclinical studies with excellent manufacturing properties. Our therapeutics have the potential to transform the treatment of diseases related to fibrosis, stromal inflammation and organ dysfunction – all of which are affected, directly or indirectly, by IL-11. For the first time we are able to reverse fibrosis in lung, liver and the kidney, which holds great promise for treating diseases like IPF, NASH and chronic kidney disease. We plan to start clinical trials by 2020 and will execute extensive toxicology studies with a focus on our target diseases in the meantime”, explained Prof Stuart Cook, co-founder of Enleofen.”

Fibrosis is the formation of excessive connective tissue, causing scarring and failure of bodily organs and the skin. It is the common cause of liver, lung and renal disease, where fibrosis destroys tissue integrity and replaces parts of the organ with scar tissue. Fibrosis leads to organ failure and inhibiting IL-11 will transform the treatment of millions of people around the world. ENx108A is the first antibody to enter clinical development that can prevent, arrest and reverse fibrosis and restore organ function.


Enleofen Bio Pte